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Qu'est ce que le COC ou COC Européen

What is the COC or European COC

The CoC for imported car.

The European Certificate of Conformity, or COC compliance (Certificate Of Conformity euro C.O.C), allows you to register a foreign car from a European Union country with the car registration office. This document is OBLIGATORY as well as technical control. You cannot apply for the registration certificate without providing the European coc or COCEuro.

Obtaining your COC in France: what steps?

If your vehicle purchase is for a new automobile, the dealer of the country of purchase must issue you the Certificate of Conformity, thus certifying that your car complies with the European directives (CE: European Community). The car manufacturer must comply with European standards common to member countries, in terms of the environment and safety. For the purchase of a used vehicle, the COC is not issued.

Where to obtain a certificate of conformity?

Many sites offer the issuance of the certificate of conformity. However, some sites are fraudulent or based in Eastern countries.

To order the real certificate of conformity, you will have to go through

What is the price and the deadline for obtaining the certificate of conformity?

The price of the COC varies from one brand to another and ranges from single to double. If you need an Audi or VW COC, you will have to pay €119 and €229 for a Peugeot or Fiat COC. Lead times also vary by brand. Count on average a period of 10 working days.

What type of vehicle for the COC?

The COC is issued only for cars that meet certain conditions for obtaining the COC, namely:

  • Category N1, L1 or M1 vehicle under 3.5 tonnes
  • Vehicle manufactured for the European community including Switzerland
  • The date of the first registration must be after 1996
  • The vehicle must not be transformed

Non-European vehicles; what procedure?

If your automobile was manufactured for a market other than that of Europe, the issuance of a full COC is impossible. Your vehicle does not have European approval and does not meet the safety standards necessary for driving on public roads.

To obtain a substitute document, it will first be necessary to obtain a partial national identification certificate or a certificate of non-compliance. And in a second step, make an isolated reception of your vehicle at the DREAL.

Indeed the Single Reception (RTI) certifies that your vehicle complies with European laws. The price of the RTI is 100 €.

Obligation to provide the COC? Not always

The COC is not essential for certain vehicles whose registration certificate is complete, it is therefore optional and free if certain sections of the foreign registration certificate are met. Check the following topics:

  • the champ D1, D2 and D3 corresponding to the type, variant and version of your car must be fully completed
  • there must be at least 2 digits after the last star (*) of the champ K

All vehicles that meet these 2 conditions are exempt from providing the COCEuro European at the registration office

Want to buy a COC for your car?
Buy it at the best price from a vehicle certificate specialist, in accordance with European legislation.

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