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Certificate of conformity

The certificate of conformity or COC (Certificate of conformity), , is a car homologation document which certifies that the vehicle identified with its chassis number VIN is complies with European standards and can therefore be registered in Europe and in France.

All cars produced by the car manufacturer for the European market must undergo a community reception or a European approval by series respecting the European directives in terms ofenvironment and of security. As soon as the vehicle complies with these obligations, the homologation department assigns the European certificate of conformity or COC.

This document is essential to prove the conformity of the vehicle and to obtain the registration certificate (gray card) of a new vehicle never registered or of an imported second-hand vehicle.


Is it mandatory to have a certificate of conformity?

Indeed, the application file for registration of an imported car or a new car, must contain the COC (European certificate of conformity).

Indeed, for the instruction of the registration card application, you will need to provide a certain number of documents. In particular, the certificate of conformity European COC which is in a mandatory document.


What does the certificate of conformity contain?

The COC European Certificate of Conformity mentions all the technical specificities concerning the vehicle. This harmonized document for all makes must contain exactly the same information, listed in numbers ranging from 1 to 51 and regardless of the make of the vehicle.

We find for example for a COC BMW under:

0.1: Brand   BMW

0.2: Type, Variant, Version  390 L VC31 12

0.2.01: Commercial name  3ER REIHE

0.4: Vehicle category    M1

0.5: Name and address of base vehicle manufacturer.


0.6: Vehicle identification number   WBAWP31080ZP789541

0.6: Receive Number  e1*2012/117*0409*06

1: Number of axles    Number of wheels: 4

2: Driving axles  1

We also find the CO2 level, the power of the vehicle, the number of seats. The approval department prints the certificate of conformity on watermarked paper to avoid copies.

How to obtain the certificate of conformity?

If you need the certificate of conformity, in this case it will have to be ordered from Coc Europe.

Coc Europe is the partner of all global brand approval services specializing in the sale of approval documents (European COC certificate of conformity, certificate of conformity issued by the manufacturer, national identification certificate, certificate of non-conformity, certificate of conformity partial, isolated RTI DREAL acceptance). COC Europe issues the document valid in all European countries (France, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg) and for all vehicle categories such as cars particular, the van, the utility, the van, caravan, tray, motorcycle, electric bike, scooter, bus or truck.

Who issues the certificate of conformity?

COC Europe issues the certificate of conformity and offers all brands such as Bmw, Audi, Seat, Mercedes, Peugeot, Nissan, Ford, Opel, Fiat, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini cooper, Volkswagen, Smart, Citroën, Renault, Dacia, Mazda, Suzuki, Piaggio, Honda etc...

All you have to do is select the COC brand, indicate the chassis number (Field E of the foreign gray card) and pay the cost of the European certificate of conformity.

The processing time and receipt of your COC varies between 1 day and 6 days.

The issued COC is an original and authentic document, allows you to immediately obtain the new vehicle registration document.

What is the price of a certificate of conformity?

If the certificate of conformity is not present with the vehicle papers, another one will have to be ordered. The certificate is chargeable and its price depends on the brand, model, country and year of the first registration of the vehicle. The price, including shipping costs, is €109 for an Audi or VW certificate of conformity, €159 for a Bmw COC and €649 for the Iveco brand.

Is it possible to have the certificate of conformity for free?

The manufacturer must supply the COC free of charge with the new vehicle. Indeed, the free certificate of conformity is issued by the dealer for any sale of a new car. On the other hand, for a used vehicle or a second-hand car, the request for the 2nd COC is chargeable.

As the homologation department must once again take over all the vehicle data to issue the COC, then it claims costs for reissuing the certificate of conformity.

How do I know if a certificate of conformity is required?

You can find out whether or not you need the certificate of conformity by checking the foreign registration document. It is necessary to check the data indicated on the foreign gray card allowing to validate your application for registration of the vehicle without the presence of the Certificate of Conformity. You do not need the certificate of conformity if the foreign gray card mentions complete information in fields D1, D2, D3 and K.

But in the majority of gray card application files, the COC is requested because the foreign gray card is incomplete.

Example of certificate of conformity?

The basis of the certificate of conformity is identical for all vehicle manufacturers, but the manufacturer has the choice of the COC model. Here is an example of a certificate of compliance.

Certificat de conformité VW

Certificat de conformité Bmw

Certificat de conformité Mercedes

Certificat de conformité Audi