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Certificat de conformité Nissan

Nissan Certificate of Conformity


What is the Nissan Certificate of Conformity (Nissan CoC)?

Issued by the approval department COC Europe Nissan France, the Nissan certificate of conformity is a mandatory original document, for request the registration certificate of an imported Nissan car. The French registration document for the Nissan vehicle foreign purchased of one pays of the'European Union requires the presence of the Nissan COC.


Nissan European Certificate of Conformity

The Nissan certificate of conformity is an official Nissan homologation document that identifies the technical characteristics of the Nissan car via 52 homologation checkpoints such as the total mass of the vehicle, the engine capacity in KW, the Co2 rate, the color, the CNIT, variant, version, etc.

Colloquially known as Nissan COC (Nissan Certificate Of Conformity) or Nissan European certificate of conformity, is a mandatory document used to certify the conformity of the Nissan vehicle with the French standards in force.

The Nissan France approval service has the obligation to prove that the various components of the vehicle (brake, gas exhaust, lights), braking, pollution, lighting comply with safety requirements. This process is called theserial certification.

Thus, for a Nissan car model to be authorized to be registered in France, Nissan provides proof of its approval by issuing the Nissan certificate of conformity.

The coc nissan is assigned only to a Nissan vehicle represented by the 17-character chassis number (VIN) and has no expiry date. Each approved Nissan has its own compliance document.

The COC Nissan is only possible for Nissans registered from 1996 with European type approval number. For other Nissans, the homologation department issues an identification certificate issued by the manufacturer. In addition, for other non-European Nissan vehicles, the only document available will be a certificate of partial conformity or non-conformity allowing the Dreal approval process to be continued as part of an isolated approval (RTI) .


How to obtain the Nissan COC certificate of conformity?

The Nissan dealer can issue you with the new vehicle the original of the European certificate of conformity or COC. If the vehicle is used, the COC is not provided.

However, you can order the duplicate Nissan certificate of conformity from the COC Europe approval department.


Do you need a Nissan Certificate of Conformity for your imported car?

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Price of the Nissan certificate of conformity?


By going through COC Europe, you can obtain the Nissan COC for 300 € including tax and the Coc is delivered within 5 days. The national certificate of conformity for Nissan cars (van or before 1996) costs 300 € including tax and sent in 5 days.

How to register a car from Germany?

The acquisition of a German Nissan car does not require a few additional documents to a French acquisition. In order to obtain the French gray card for a car imported from Germany, you will need to bring 2 additional documents, the Nissan certificate of conformity and the fiscal break .

There gray card application is done on site ANTS (National Agency for Secure Documents). They will ask you in addition to the COC of the manufacturer of European conformity and the tax clearance, to bring other supporting documents, such as the report of the technical control dating from less than 6 months, the foreign gray card, the driving license, a proof of residence, etc.

So the registration of a German or European car does not present any major difficulty. However, if you do not have time to manage the administrative side, you can appoint a service provider to take care of the registration of your car.

It is quite possible to register a vehicle from a member country of the European Union, but if you do not have time to carry out all the administrative procedures, you can mandate us and we will carry them out for you. .




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