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Certificat de conformité

Certificate of conformity

 Issued by the approval department of the Car manufacturers or by Euro Compliance France, This official document is essential, as is the fiscal break, For get lhas French registration of your imported vehicle. It allows owners to foreign vehicles from a member country of the'European Union to obtain the famous registration certificate ". Indeed, thenational secure titles agency ( ANTS) claims the COC to finalize your request for CG. In order for your document to be accepted, you will have to go to the approval department ofEuro COC Europe


The European certificate of conformity for a car

The European certificate of conformity is an official homologation document that allows the identification of the vehicle to be traced through various mandatory characteristics. The European standard has therefore listed 52 essential points that must be present on the certificate of conformity such as the total mass of the vehicle, the engine capacity in KW, the Co2 rate, the color, the CNIT, the variant, the version, etc. Also referred to as COC (Certificate Of Conformity) or European certificate of conformity, it represents an essential document used to justify the compliance of the automobile with French regulations.

The automobile manufacturer, through its approval department, must prove that the various vehicle components such as braking, pollution, lighting comply with safety requirements. This is called theserial certification.

Thus, for a series of automobile to be authorized to circulate in France, the automobile manufacturer must provide the certificate of conformity.

It is good to know that the COC is unique to a vehicle based on its chassis number (VIN). So each marketed vehicle has its own COC with it.

The COC concerns vehicles registered after 1996 of category M1. For other vehicles, we speak of a certificate of conformity issued by the manufacturer. In general, the certificate of conformity is complete for European vehicles and partially compliant or non-compliant for non-European vehicles (USAn Dubai, Japan, Morocco).

In these cases, it will be necessary to make an individual approval called a reception on an isolated basis (RTI) at the Dreal service.


How to get the certificate of conformity for a car

Normally, for a new car, the dealer must give you the European Certificate of Conformity or COC. For a used car, it will be necessary to check if the document is not with the vehicle papers.

However, you can order the duplicate certificate of conformity from the Euro Conformité France approval department. This official service issues COCs for all brands (Peugeot, Mazda, Porsche, Audi, Bmw, Volvo, Renault, Volkswagen or Mercedes-Benz, etc.).


What is the cost of the COC for official ANTS?

Each brand sets its own price. Also, the price of European Certificate of Conformity depends on the car manufacturer brand. The COC Audi or Vw is at 120 €, Bmw at 170 €, Mercedes at 180 €.


How to register a car from Germany?

The acquisition of a German car does not require a few additional documents to a French acquisition. In order to obtain the French registration document for a car imported from Germany, you will need to bring 2 additional documents, the certificate of conformity and the fiscal break .

There gray card application is done on site  ANTS (National Agency for Secure Documents). They will ask you in addition to the COC of the manufacturer of European conformity and the tax clearance, to bring other supporting documents, such as the report of the technical control dating from less than 6 months, the foreign gray card, the driving license, a proof of residence, etc.

So the registration of a German or European car does not present any major difficulty. However, if you do not have time to manage the administrative side, you can appoint a service provider to take care of the registration of your car.

It is quite possible to register a vehicle from a member country of the European Union, but if you do not have time to carry out all the administrative procedures, you can mandate us and we will carry them out for you. .


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