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Comment obtenir un COC Voiture ?

How do I get a Car COC?

L’EuroCoC which means Europeen Ccertified Of Conformity ou Euro Compliance or even EC certificate of conformity is a manufacturer's approval document that simplifies your process of importing and registering a foreign car. The document COCEuro is used in all European countries to obtain a new registration of an imported car.

Know everything about the Euro CoC document

The European Certificate of Conformity, Euro CoC, CoC Europe or Euro Conformity is a detailed declaration issued by the homologation department of the vehicle brand when the latter leaves a new vehicle from its production line. This proof ensures and confirms compliance with CE nomenclatures for the marketing and circulation of a vehicle in Europe. Since the years 1996, he demanded to import for the first time a vehicle in his country. Obtaining the CoC is only done on the official European website The document entitled CoC Europe or EuroCoC issued by the Coc Europe site certifies that your car complies with all regulations.

The Certificate of Conformity is for vehicles that meet the following criteria:

  • Vehicle of category N1, L1 or M1
  • Vehicle manufactured and marketed for EU countries
  • Vehicle manufactured from 1996
  • Unconverted vehicle when leaving the factory

The deadlines for receiving your EuroCoC vary depending on the make, model, year and category of the vehicle. In general, receipt of the certificate is 6 days for the Bmw or Mini manufacturer and 5 days for the Peugeot or Opel brand.

It is issued free of charge by the initial importer of the vehicle if the vehicle is new

The CoC document is chargeable if you request a duplicate of the European certificate of conformity. Plan to pay €300 for your Porsche CoC or €249 for Fiat.

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